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A monthly design program.
The low cost, low commitment, friendly way to create a better brand experience.

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Limited space
but unlimited imagination.

the gang

We are looking for new clients to join our family, but first we need to be friends!

For a low monthly cost, our gang of creatives will create the work of your dreams, to keep your business/idea fresh and your mind focused on the things you need to do.

How does it work?

Tired of jumping from one freelancer to another?

Design is best when viewed like a relationship, not a transaction. Instead of one-off projects, our team is continually getting to know your team and your brand.


Looking for an affordable alternative to large firms?

Our small and mighty team gives you the benefit of a collaborative design experience without the sky high prices of those fancy-pants in suits.

Consistent design support for your business.

That’s why we started the Polar Notion Friends and Family Deal. A less expensive, consistent alternative to one-off creative projects.

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👇We design cool things like this:👇

Want to see examples of how others have enjoyed being Family and Friends?

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How it Works:


We shake hands.

Every friendship starts with a firm handshake. Once you give us the thumbs up, we get into gear.


We get to know each other.

We listen to what you’re looking for. We explore your brand and help bring clarity to where you want to take it.

You prioritize what you need.

As needs arise, you can add them to a running list of design ideas and opportunities.


Like Domino's, we deliver the goods.

Working from your prioritized list, we slice the top items from the pile and get to work making magic.


We high-five, because that's what friends do.

As ideas and inspiration roll in, we send them your way. Over time, you'll have a robust library of designs and inspirations to pull from for whatever needs pop up.

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Ready to see examples from other clients? We have a collection of brands who are experiencing great results from being in the Family.

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